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Well married life so far is kind of fun. Maybe a little, most of the time I sit my butt at home and do housework which is cool and something I amgood at. But still brings me down on occasion bored mostly. Have a pool and dvd player and internet so keep myself occupied when not have much to do. Yeah looking for work all over the place that is great. Listen to music and watch shows that would never have watched before.

Pool out back is always fun but sometimes things are better with more people to fool around with. We go to the gym work out make ourselves look better then we are its also better cause it helps use the muscles I hardly use now a days Used to have stairs so going up and down kept me in shape.

Honestly sit here waiting for Boo bear to get back so I can have human contact again. Kind of lonely life but I get that he is making the money for us and its wonderful of him. So suck it up and keep trucking marriage is about working together to make it work and we do. Of course we goof off and kick each others butt every once in a while loads of laughter there.

Just miss my friends as well he has is and I have no one around to play with or talk with kind of grrr. But that shows me I have to get out there and make new friends or something maybe get a hobby. Oh well just thought would say hi to all my loved ones back home hey still alive and kicking.


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So hey gang just here doing nothing but watching Doctor Who which is awesome can't wait for the 4th season and yeah dying from the monthly. Anyway so yeah boy toy coming to visit this weekend yeah to celebrate his belated bday. Wants to go to Kobe's never been he says really good we will see. Yeah passed my history test which I thought I bombed well i guess I didn't hopefully the same thing goes for my science tet which Ihaven't gotten back yet. So eating chocalalte it seems we may not be going to get the church on that day and if not then it all was for nothing and there is no point to a big thing just off to court or have someone marrys us screw the plans. Yeah fun alienating rents. Oh well always asking the gods for guidence hope they send some. So yeah so just thought to drop a line and am outy.

Blessed be to all. 

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Hey there all long time no see. Well lets see this past couple of weeks haven't been that eventful except for last night. My guy came last weekend that was fun except I was sick as a dog so not so much fun but he stayed and helped make me better (or worse the way you see it) hehehe. Lets just say what we did, did not help me get rid of my sickness. But yeah we went around had fun. Finally got my engagement ring fixed and on my hand its really weird having this thing on althe time. Like a reminder your going to be married don't forget so don't do anything bad and guilty for doing nothing. Oh well. Somthing I will get over eventually. 

Boring school days half the time falling asleep in class and to top it all off our car broke down so now we have no car which is wonderful cause I hate asking for favors and rides to school. Makes me feel bad for asking. Oh yeah I got a paper due on monday and a test to boot which I haven't fully studied for or done the paper which is fun now cause it won't be the best paper I just will be happy with a C at least that.  Lets hope I can get a C for the test as well. 

But last night was fun of course it didn't help for the studying. I mean yeah I did some reading but didn't do as much as I could cause I went to Maria's place which was more fun and hung out with her and her crew took Ivia and Yanitza as well they had fun. We all did I mean yeah. We talked which was a long time coming and laughed played cards and just enjoyed being young and together. Maria now has an idea for a lingera (not entirely sure thats how you spell it) party for a bachlorette night sound like fun. I think it will be. SO yeah just thought to put something out there before I get down to writing and finding out answers for this 3 page essay so wish me luck. I am outy.

Blesses be to all.

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Yeah so another day of endless boredom how much fun. Hey I got a c+ on my science test third highest in the class since no one got an A and there were only two B's. Which honestly I thought I was going to fail I am proud of myself actually. After studying for so many days made my eyes go blind almost. So yeah now just got to keep it all up to continue the good grades. Average student thats me. So yeah seems like I lost my text book for school what fun and I actually need it too. 

Lets see getting closer and closer to that day except I am still waiting for papers to get the church and the day set if not then there is nopoint in that day being available and I am crazy to get that specific date its the day we met and i can remember it I know I am the male in our relationship I have come to terms with that so has he. it works for us. Hehehe! 

He plans on coming down to vist yeah of course that is way after valentines day what fun! But we can't get all we want. Oh Rossana Bday coming up as well yeah love to party with the chicas if ever. Miss you guys.

So should go study as usual. Blessed Be to all.

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So yeah another day another routine set in motion. Get up, school, hw, boredom, and then eat and sleep. Yeah can everyone feel the excitement in the air. I need a life. Ahhhhh!!!

I get my kicks out of talking to people around the world about books and stars I am low but incredibly good looking low person hehehe! 

So yeah don't understand a lick of my science class and he wants perfection, good luck there buddy!
History is usually rocking but this semester it as fun as a dish towel. No intresting people to talk too. Is it sad to say I miss high school....

Cold feet and nervs made out of flubber here about the upcoming nuptuials and well no idea what to do with myself sorry had to rant out at the wrold. Just need some where to do it wthout fear of rents talking giving me lectures and honey placating me. So love to all and to all a happy day. 

Blessed be all.

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So yeah yesterday a hectic day and all. Lets see woke up to a busy thins to do day. Had to take the bridesmaid to their fitting. Thankfully every one showed up which made everything a lot easier for me. They actually thought a dress I picked was good since I gave them three choices. In some kind of purple that is. And lets see found maria my maid of honor something cute and very great for her. The girls kept changing their minds so went with a last choice which they didn't have in the color I wanted so yeah had to make them all have the same color. Not that bad but doable. Then went to lunch had a few laughs then d'or where I got my after party take the gown off. Then rainbows to look for shoes which they needed and didn't want to pay that much. Tired after that so decided to hitch up and go home. That was great except didn't get no sleep at all till 5 and that was me being restless and worried about wedding not cool, now got bags under my eyes not attractive at all.

And on monday i have to pay attention specifically to world events to make sure I have something decent to write for this history paper that is so stupid about what happens that day. Why can't he be normal and be like read about history and write something as usual hlep my day. Oh well got sign off.

Blessed Be all.

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So yeah here at home another wonderful day watching my two cousins as it were. Play games and just basically making sure they don't get into trouble which they are not for the occasional fight over who plays what and where. But other then that peachy keen. Ok never saying that again. Three kings day fun and more fun. School starts up next week not so much fun since I have class at night and in the morning and they are way apart. I hate it but the only time they had the class was at night so stuck. Whoopee this will be one hard semester thats for sure. Lots of love to all blessed be.

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So still here christmas cam and went nothing majorly happened. Just My boy toy came down for christmas and stayed a couple of days so sweet. Gift giving was fun so was the opening of presents and playing with them. Always fun. Got loads of books won't be tired for a bit. I should be reading but I enjoy online talk as well so here I am. Couldn't sleep much I guess cause I miss my guy usually fall asleep next to him before getting my ass up and leaving because rents think it is not appropriate for us to sleep till we are married. Anyway bro made the boys laugh it up the other day they almost pissed their pants. Very funny, just telling them stories about our hay days. Anyway same old, same old. Except maybe boy toy wants me to go visit his mother with him in Atlanta Georgia this upcoming month I would reallylike to see how that is going to happen I got school three days a week and well it is far. Lets hope the rents can be forth coming on this one.
Blessed Be to all.
I am outy. 

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 Sick as a dog here. Blah and I tok the flu shots did not work so well I guess. Anyway so yeah thinking and better off eloping to vegas. Then having family over. Cause dad just keeps inviting more family that I don't know about to this thing. I perfer if there were just strangers and I could just have fun but no I have to make smalltalk to people I don't know instead of close friends and family the way I want. I need a tiny vacation to get away before this thing comes to fruitation. So yeah house all nice and warm compared to the chilly weather going outside mucho fun. Had to run back in after getting the dog back for his walk, freezing my bum off. Can't wait for christmas less stress. Now got to sign up for Fasfa or whatever to get a loan from school to do my last semester in miami dade till I transfer. Oh well here is to another semester. Love to all. I am outy.

Blessed Be to all.

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So yeah off on another trip north. Cold central, well colder then down here anyway. Forgot to pack my jacket oh well someone esle could keep me warm. So yeah leaving Miami to visit my boy toy as most call him and staying a couple of days with him and hanging with his friends and fam. So much fun...No kidding will be as long as we are together hard being apart. But hey we are the proof long distance relationship works. Takes some tears and hurt but if you push enough and care alot then anything is possible. I love this. So yeah 5 hour car ride not so fun and with a slow driver my idea of purgatory. So hope everyones weekend is a fun one. I am outy. 

Blessed Be ALL!

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