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davidsgirl8414's Journal

17 October 1984
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Well I am a chick, maybe not tough on the outside but definetly on the inside. I am shy yet outgoing, and nice and friendly. I go to college at the moment and am having a good time with it now. I am smart but I wouldn't call myself a genius either. I am loyal to my friends and I love deeply. I have a nice caring family, a very annoying brother and a cute dog. I live here in Miami, Florida and plan on moving some day out of here. But till then I club, go out with my gal pals, shop, study, live normal everyday life. I honor the earth for what she gives us as we all should and thats about all I can say about me so far. Have no idea what I'll be when I become a full fledged adult but so far I am happy with life.